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Epic Quests

The following are the order on which the Epic Quest's, by class where completed. There are screenshots per weapon, and the links are to SPOILER information on that class Epic Quest. If you have a better source of information, or corrections to the effects, please email me.

At the bottom of the page is a History of events that have changed or influenced the quests since they where implemented.

1st, the Rogues. The first to complete their quest was the wily rogues, and congratulations go to Kaylum.

The Effect is a Permant 40% Haste, 9 AC and 40 Att buff.

Safehouse Ragebringer Quest guide.



2nd. The Bard. Second up we have the Bards, and the first Bard to complete the Singing Short Sword quest was Aftathott <Afterlife>.

The Proc is GROUP 40% Bardic Haste, 12 AC and 40 Str buff.

Concert Hall Singing Short sword Quest information.


3rd. The Clerics.Next up we have the Clerics, and the first Cleric to complete the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh quest was Kerania von Kreiger <Kreiger>.

The Effect is a right clickable 56th Level 96% XP res.

Bristlebane Cleric Walbort Wholeheart's Guide to the Water Sprinkler of Ankh.


4th. The Shaman.Next up we have the Shaman, and the first Shaman to complete the Spear of Fate quest was Bakk <Inner Circle>

The effect is a proc which is a continually increasing DoT.

EQLizer's Guide to the quest.


5th. The Enchanters. The first Enchanter to complete the Staff of the Serpent quest was Doesa Mindmolder.

This spell increases attack speed by 66%, Agility by 40, Armor Class by 12, and has three times the stamina regen of the original augmentation spell. It is instant cast and recast, and is right clickable.

Diku Goldenmind's Guide


6th. The Necromancers.The first Necro to complete the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul quest was Zrazzt D'ethshade of Enlightened Dark.

The Proc delivers 1200 damage in 1 min 36 seconds, and slows the movement rate of the target up to 65%
EqLizers Guide to the quest


7th. The Warriors.The first Warrior to complete the Jagged Blade of War quest was Furor Planedefiler of Fires of Heaven.

The weapon is two 1H Slashes, which can combine to a 2H Slash Weapon.

The Proc is Fire based, and the effect reduces the targets AC by 12, as well as providing a magic DD of 175 damage. The AC Debuff lasts 3 minutes.

The Blade of Stategy Proc is also Fire based, and is 100DD as well reducing a Mobs ATK by 40 and their AC by 11 for 2 minutes.

The Blade of Tactics is a right clickable effect, which increases Dex by 40, ATT by 30, and AC by 12. This also lasts 2 minutes.

Guide to Follow Shortly.


8th. The Monks.The first Monk to complete the Celestial Fists quest was Wakefield McStinkles of Tribe on the Test Server. It differs from the other Epic Quests by not being a weapon, but a pair of Gloves.

It also changes the properties of a Monk's fist from 14/30 weapons (if 50th) to 9/16.

The Effect Celestial Tranquility is a right click 40% Spell haste, +12ac and +40str, and the duration is 9 seconds.
My Guide to the Quest.


9th. The Paladins. The first Paladin to complete the Fiery Defender quest was Leovon MacHyland of Kreiger.

The proc is a fire based 150 DD and stun

Fiery Defender Guide to follow


10th. The Druids. The first Druid to complete the Nature Walkers Scimitar quest was Sobe Silvertree of Afterlife.

The effect is a right click, with a 7 seconds casting time. If it lands it snares the targets movement up to 62%, and is also a 1650 DoT. The spell has a three minute duration.

Nature Walker Guide at EQDruids.


11th. The Rangers. The first Ranger to complete the Earthcaller and Swiftwind quest was Kobalt Truepath of the guild Seekers.

EarthCaller's effect slows the targets attack rate down by around 50%, and it also does 500 damage over time. The effect lasts 2.5 minutes, and is a Proc. Earthcaller is primary hand only.

Swiftwind's effect increases the Rangers attack speed by 40% and their ATK rating by 30.

Guide to follow Shortly


12th. The Wizards. The first Wizard to complete the Staff of the Four quest was Occy.

The effect is right clickable, and does not require a component. It is a 796 hp damage absorbing shield and also provides a minor clarity effect which stacks with Clarity, Manaskin and Harvest. The effect has a 12 second casting time, with an instant recast.It lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Staff of the Four info


13th. The Shadow Knights. The first Shadow Knight to complete the Innoruuks Curse quest was Xate of Element of Darkness.

The Effect is a 250 hp lifetap Proc, over a period of 30 seconds, which is 50 hitpoints a tick. It cannot stack with itself and can overwrite itself if it double procs.
Shadow Knight Epic Quest info


14th. Last but not least, the Magicians. Congratulations to Norseh of the guild Reconstructed of the Server E'Ci, for completing the Magician Epic Quest, a spell called Summon Orb.

When Summon Orb is cast, it creates the No Rent Orb of Mastery.

 The Effect Summons the Master of Elements, an elemental twice the normal size.

Magician info

Details on the Master of Elements to follow.


Apparantly, the Druid and Ranger quests start the same, depending on who you give the Warmly Glowing Stone to. Telin Darkforest for rangers, Ella Foodcrafter? for druids. This needs to be confirmed.

Druids info

Rangers info

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Epic Quest Notes:

This is to chronicle the changes/amendments to the Epic Quest results. The Quests where introduced in September 2000, with this message:

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented new "Fiery Avenger" style quests for every class in the game (including paladins). The ultimate reward for each quest boasts a custom model with unique particle effects. We think that you will be pleased.

The first three weapons where deemed fine by their respected classes, until the discovery of the Shaman Weapon.

The Shaman currently are unhappy with their weapon, and a tuning meeting is being held to discuss not only the weapons already found, but the unfound ones as well. The main reason for their concern being the lack of Wis/Mana compered to the Cleric weapon, and the fact that the Effect is a proc rather than a clickable effect. Due to it being a proc, it is possible for the effect to start at the beginning again, as it does not finish the cycle first, thus rendering itself not as productive.

The Warriors are also slightly dissapointed with the primary held 1HS, as it at its current ratio, is not as good as currently available weapons (amiditly from places like VP), and cannot keep up the taunt factor that they require. Also the Blade of Tactics is NOT a right click effect, but a proc, and also most importantly, the buffs that it produces do not allow Cleric buffs to stack.

Monks, Druids, and Magicians where held up in the efforts to finish the quest by faulty NPC's. In the case of the Monks, an infinate xp exploit was found, and someone levelled a Monk from 40 to 60 in a short space of time.

Recently it has been reported that all of the epic quest results will have +50 to stats, +50 to resists, and +100 points distributed between hp and mana (where applicable). These effects will be changed in a future patch.

The Patch dated the 15th November changed the Shaman's Spear of Fate by increasing the damage/delay, and adding more Mana, the Rogue's Ragebringer by adding more hp's, and the Monks Celestial Fists with regards to the haste type and damage/delay to our Fists.