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This is the Unsung Heroes Link page. It contains links for Zone Guides, Maps, and also to classes that are not amongst those within the Unsung Heroes, as its always nice to see how the other half live. The Epic Quest link related to all of the Class Fiery Avenger type quests that where added in late September 2000.

Epic Quest Link.

This is to a page currently keeping score of the completed Quests. There are links to the quests themselves, mostly to a class specific board, and screenshots of the weapons found.

Epic Quest Link

Another page to try is Epic Quest Adventures, who have more walkthroughs up than I do at the moment, so between the two sites, you should find pretty much all you require to get the quests done.

Epic Quest Adventures

Unless mentioned, none of the following guides where written by any of our members, and kudos goes to all of those who did write them.

Map Links

For the absolute best in Maps for any zone, this Japanese site is the one to go to. Pure works of art. OutRiders is VERY good for Kunark maps, and last but by no means least, EQ Atlas. EQ Atlas also contains good information on the location you need, including Mobs, approximate level range and treasure found.

Japanese Maps

OutRiders of Karana Kunark Maps

EQ Atlas

Zone Links

This link is for Dalnir and Karnors Castle (and juggling amusingly), written by Wrenn:

Wrenn's Zone Guides

This link is for the Zone Guides, written by Jekhar, including Upper and Lower Guk, Sol A and B, Fire Giant runs, and Kedge Keep. They are extremely well written, and include Maps from Jesters, and are well worth checking out. They are now held at Zadkiel's Monkly Business Site.

Jekhars Zone Guides

And these are zone guides written by the Unsung Heroes:

Firiona Vie (Bodi)

Class Links

Nearly all of the links below are to specific sites for that class, while some are straight to forums (mostly ezboard.) All have good information needed to play the specific class, including skill descriptions, class quests, race advantage/disadvantages, spell lists, and weapon or armour choices. All links to classes of those within the Unsung Heroes will be found on their respective pages.

EQ Druids

Inter Realms -Shadow Knight

Inter Realms -Shaman

Concert Hall -Bards

Graffe's - Wizards

Sony's Everquest Message Boards

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