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The Celestial Fists

You are required very early on in the Quest to hand in your RotWF, but it is possible to fight all the Celestial Fists to get the Demon Fangs, THEN complete the RotWF. The start of the Epic Quest originates with Tomekeeper Danl, on the second floor within the Erudite Library.

Tomekeeper Danl

'Hail Tomekeeper Danl'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Good day, citizen. Please remember to keep your voice down in our library. Feel free to browse the extensive collection of books we have on display. Learning is all about you and our library is the greatest collection of educational literature in the world, as you can no doubt see. However, there are a few books we do not own and we are prepared to pay well to acquire [rare finds].

'What rare finds?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Yes, any rare books, tomes, essays, or other literature you find may be of interested to me.

Although the finds I am interested in are quite high profile and would most likely only be found in the possession of very powerful or influential beings. Give me what you have found and I will pay you what it is worth to us.

The book he requires is called the book of Immortals, a book found in Skyfire. It drops from any of the following - 'Soul Devourer' , 'lava walker' , 'Black Scar', 'a wandering wurm', 'a Shadow Drake', 'Guardian of Felia', or any other of the named mobs there.

The following is the text from the book of Immortals:

The immortals who can be spoken of are not the Eternal Immortals. Their Spoken names are not the eternal names. In the namelessness they are the beginning of heaven and earth.
Named they are one of the ten thousand things. Though different in title they spring from one source and appear as darkness Darkness within darkness. The gate to their mystery. The immortals do not go forth. All comes to them. They are like the ocean, the king of ten thousand streams. By staying beneath they are a receptacle for all things. They do nothing. Yet are masters of the universe. Trorsmang! Be our course of action. Anbeal! Become the Vessel to hold our virtue. Drina! Be our stability, where we can take root. Cordan! Fill our vessels and calm our ambitions. Norrath! Take our husks and breathe life into them. We beseech you! Guide us in your humility.

Giving Tomekeeper Danl the Book of Immortals, prompts the following:

Tomekeeper Danl gasps at the sight of the rare book and says, 'This is a great find indeed! I can only imagine who you had to.. persuade to give you the book. Our library would be very interested in acquiring this and I am prepared to give you this platinum and a referral that marks you as a friend of the library. If only [Lheao] could see this.'

'Who is Lheao?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Lheao was my predecessor here at the Library of Erudin. He has since retired, just a few years ago. I'm sure he would be most impressed with your find and offer insightful conversation on the subject. Although I'm not sure one of your profession would be interested in such a scholarly endeavor, no offense. If you are interested, find him and tell him you found the book 'Immortals.' I'm not sure where he has retired to, but I hear it is near an ocean somewhere.

He gives you a piece of paper, Danl's reference, which identifies as 'Paper with the Erudin Library Seal'


Lheao is found in the Timerous Deep (EQAtlas) in the hidden oasis. To reach it, take the boat from Fironia Vie, and jump off as it turns towards the South East, and continue swimming South. The loc is approximately neg 11500, neg 2000, where you will run into a huge rock wall that is a huge ring of solid rock. There is an underwater tunnel, which goes under this wall, at approx neg 11357 neg 3657.

Once through that tunnel, you surface and see another huge rock. This second huge rock has another tunnel, (at loc -11354, -1365) which is at the opposite side to where you entered. This finally leads you to the hidden oasis, where you see a ramp leading to an inn, where Lhaeo stands outside.

'Hail Lhaeo'

Lheao jumps at your voice and begins laughing at his skittishness. He says, 'Ahh, hello there. Not many people know of this place, so visitors are quite rare. Hehehe. It's a very beautiful place indeed, so, ummm, please don't go telling everyone you know about it. Heheh. Thanks, friend.'

'I have found the book Immortals'

Lheao looks up at you, eyes wide in astonishment, and says, 'My god, you found 'Immortals'?! Where did you find it? Never mind, that is unimportant. I have in my possession a book that explains more about these individuals.
Its value is unimaginable as well as the impact it is capable of. As you can see, I grow old. I need an individual to watch over this book and make sure it is protected. Would you be willing to [take this responsibility]?'

'I will take this responsibility'

If you are under 53rd level, at this point he will give you a not so poliete 'go away' message, I got something along the lines of 'I beleive I saw a gnoll pup a few miles back that you can deal with', bit when I handed him the robe and reference, he gave me the book.

Lheao says 'I'm sorry, Kage , but I could only give this book to a true master, such as a member of the Whistling Fists Order. And unless you can give me proof that you are one, in addition to Danl's reference, which is very unlikely, there is no way I'll let you take charge of [the Celestial Fists].

'What Celestial Fists?'

Lheao says 'The Celestial Fists is the title of a book written by an unknown author. His writing is sub par but the legend is interesting from a biographical standpoint alone. Its rarity commands top dollar in the scholarly community but the secrets revealed in the book are what truly makes it dangerous. I've thought many times to destroy it but just couldn't. I hope I'm able to find someone to watch over it soon.

Once the Robe of the Whistling Fists and Danl's reference are handed in, the following is said.

Lheao says 'Astonishing! To think that you are a master of an order thought to be lost to our world. Forgive my earlier doubts. I believe you are indeed worthy to be given the responsibility of watching over this book. Take great care that it does not fall into the wrong hands as it would be truly disastrous.

The book called Celestial Fists Book is illegible.

The Kaiaren's

The next step is someone called Kaiaren, who is located at Loc -1609, -2679, just as you come into the upper Sebilis Ruins in Trakanons Teeth (EQAtlas). He may be slightly off this location, as he chases Monks, and does not return to his original spawn point.

'Hail Kaiaren'

Kaiaren says, " AHHH get it away from me go away .. leave me alone".

'What Celestial Fists'

Kaiaren says 'Eh? What's that? Bah! That was destroyed long ago. Don't waste my time with fairy taAAAAAGGHHH GET IT AWAY!!!! HELP!!! They're all over MEHEHEHEHEEEEEEee!!

Handing Kaiaren the book Celestial Fists prompts: Kaiaren's eyes open wide and he attacks you!

Upon death he says 'Not bad.. Now lets see if you can find my trueform if you do we discuss this further.'

Note: You do not need to kill Kaiaren, as giving him the book and feigning him off (or /quit out) works fine. He is 52nd level, and hits for 145 damage (which hurts when you get a 'Bodi has fallen to the ground' message....)

Either way, you will recieve the Celestial Fists book back into your inventory.

The True Form

The next step is to find Kaiaren's true form, which spawns when the book is given to the mad Kaiaren. He is also called Kaiaren, identical to the 'mad' version, and is also located in Trakanons Teeth near the lake. He spawns at approx 300, 2400 in a building next to the lake. He is level 60+ and indifferent. When you hand him the book, he says the following:

Kaiaren says 'Now, then. Where did you find this, monk? This is not just some light reading to be borrowed from the town library. Who gave this to you?

'I got it from lheao'

Kaiaren says 'Hmmm, never heard of him. Well, it doesn't matter, the book is here now. Curse that idiot for writing it in the first place. Not even sure why I let him stick around. If you ever see that clown monk Aradiel kick him in the shins for me! At any rate, I suppose you'd like to find the Fists and [have a nice chat with them], eh? Their master owes me much. I would reward you well if you were to bring me proof of the master's defeat'

'I would like to have a nice chat with them'

Kaiaren says 'Yes, I suppose you would. All you children looking for fame and glory will eventually learn the poison of ambition. But how will you find them? They are able to meld with their elements seamlessly and they certainly have no interest in fooling with the likes of you. No, you will need to get their attention. Fortunately, I know [how you can do this].

'how can I do this?'

Kaiaren says, 'My guess is that the weakest of the Fists will be the easiest to draw out. he is egotistical and arrogant. How he came to master the Discipline of Fire, I do not know. He will most likely be in another form, one of his element. When you find the one you believe to be the Fist, you must challenge him. If you use his true name, Eejag, in your formal challenge, he will respond. A flame can burn intensely but it cannot last for long. Know this when you battle him.
He hands you back the book, and it has now changed from the 'Celestial Fists' to the 'Book of Celestial Fists' as shown.

Important Note: Now the Book has been returned to you, and as shown, it is NOT the same. The properties of this book have now been changed. Please DO NOT hand this book over again until the final stage, as he will expect the demon fangs as well.

The Celestial Fists

1 - Eejag

In Lavastorm, there is an wandering Imp, larger than the others, called 'a fire Sprite'. The sprite is pretty common and travels from the druid ring to the southeast and back again. He is a very low lvl imp (approximatly 14th level). If Eejag is already spawned he won't shout to the zone when you say the challenge to the sprite. To initiate the sequence, hail the Fire Sprite with:

'I Challenge Eejag'

The fire sprite disappears and the zone gets a message...

Eejag shouts 'What imbecile dares challenges a Celestial Fist?! Do you even know who you are challenging? HA! You are nothing but an insect! I will enjoy crushing you, I have not charred the flesh of an idiot in decades! If you truly wish to fight me, the battle shall be held in my own element. Come, challenger, come down to the pits of flowing fire'.

The 'pits of flowing fire' is the large pool of lava by the Solesek's. At Loc 1061, 248, -132, roughly under the middle smoke plume, an Iksar will be swimming. He is lvl 55, and hits for a maximum of 157. Eejag will NOT be pulled, and he refuses to move from his spawn spot. He cons indifferent, so it is possible to gather round him beforehand. When you get summoned, you appear on the bottom of the lake directly beneath him, where he can hit you, but you cant hit him. He can summon you regardless of if you are in the lava or not. Visibility is VERY bad.

Once killed, he drops nothing but the Charred Scale, which Identifies as the Remains of the Fists of Fire.

Note: Eejag can be summoned again almost immediatly (sometimes the Fire Sprite can take a few minutes to spawn) after death by challenging the Fire Sprite again, there is no 'respawn time'.

For more info, and details of my fight with Eejag, click the link below:

~~Eejag Info~~

You then hand the Charred Scale to the True Form in Trakanon's Teeth. The scale is returned to you, and you get the following:

Kaiaren says 'Ahhh, impressive indeed! Now that you have broken the chain of the Fists, the others may come toppling down if you persevere. The Fist of Air is now the weakest, then Earth, and finally Water before the master of them all, Vorash. You must defeat them in order, proving the demise of the last to draw out the one you are after. The task before you now is to take this scale and show it to the Fist of Air wherever he may be. Good luck, Zadkiel .

Note: The Charred Scale does not have to be cycled through Kaiaren's true form before going to see Gwan. If you are completing the quest before you hand over the robe, you will not be able to hand in the scale to the True form anyway.

2 - Gwan

A presence, is found in the Plane of Sky, on Noble Dojorns Island, and is the Place Holder for the Fist of Air. The presence has a respawn time of approximatly 2 hours. He has the model of a shadowed man, but carries no items, so is invisible apart from his name.

When you travel to sky, (rather than paying 500pp for the sword keys from the keymaster), kill the spirits, and have everyone loot a miniature sword. You then kill the thunder spirit princess, and she will spawn Sirran the lunatic. When everyone hands in a miniature sword to Sirran, you will get a key of swords back.

Go to the West teleport pad, touch the key to it, and it will take you to Dojorn isle, where the presence and Gwan are.

Please use this excellent guides on Sky for more detailed information.

Catranizi's Plane of Sky Guide

Handing the Presence the scale gets the following response:

a presence says 'Hahaha! That dolt Eejag fell to the likes of you? I'm not surprised. So, I guess this means you're here to challenge me. Normally, I wouldn't waste my time, but since you've defeated my younger brother, I suppose I'm obligated. I'm ready when you are, tell me when you're [prepared].

At this point the presence despawns and immediately respawns in the same location as a Human monk dressed in shiverback named Gwan. Telling him 'I am prepared' (or attacking him) causes him to attack.

He doesn't respond to hails, and is lvl 57. He procs Fist of Air, which a lvl 57 resisted every time with a MR of 120. He has approx 24khp, hits for 165, and the Fist of Air proc can knock you backwards, (possibly off the island) and like other mobs of this level, enrages.

Enrage: A Mob when down to 25 to 30 percent of hits, enrages, causing the Mob to riposte EVERY attack made from the front 45 degrees. If you are standing in front when he enrages, with a low delay weapon with max haste, you will kill yourself very quickly. At the point of enrage (a message is shown), turn off auto attack and taunt (if able) or attack from the rear while others taunt him.

Upon death, Gwan's corpse lets out one last, frustrated breath and gasps, 'Trunt! Prepare yourself!'

The 'a presence' is on Dojorn's island, which also contains the bladestorms, but they have been confirmed that they will not attack and help, or KS Gwan.

You cannot trade with the presence (i.e. give him the scale from Eejag,) while it is in the windmill. It is best to give the scale to a presence, causing Gwan to spawn, then pull Gwan into the windmill and kill him. Pulling him is recommended to be done while in Melee range, i.e. WALKING backwards with him. Running off nearly always causes him to path incorrectly, and disappear to another island.

It is highly recommended to pull him into the Windmill.

For more info, and details of my fight with Gwan, click the link below:

~~Gwan Info~~

He drops nothing but the Breath of Gwan, which id's as Item Lore: Remains of the Fist of Air.

Important Note: Do not hand the The Breath of Gwan to the true form of Kaiaren, as it will be eaten. The Breath is required for the next step, Trunt.

3 - Trunt

Within the mines of Nurga, which is located in the Frontier Mountains, there is 'a sleeping Ogre', near a number of spiders not too far into the dungeon. A good marker is a unique graphic to this dungeon, which is a smoking hole in the wall, where you can see lava. When he is spawned he is looking right at that crevice in the wall. The Sleeping Ogres respawn time is approx 3 hours.

He is KOS, and he says nothing except some kind of sleeping message when you hail him while charmed.

Handing in the Breath of Gwan can be done in a few different ways. Either have invisibility cast upon you, then sneak behind him and hand in the Breath, or feign at his feet, wait for him to sit back down, and then sneak and stand to give in the Breath.

Either way gets this response:

a sleeping ogre says 'Your path of wanton destruction ends here, Southern . Gwan and Eejag were impatient and hot-headed. You will not defeat me, for I have the patience and perseverance of stone, unlike the children you have beaten before me. Are you sure you want to challenge me, Southern?

You do not get to reply to the sleeping Ogre, as Trunt, who is KOS, spawns, and attacks immediatly. He is around 59th level Ogre, hits for around 176, has approx 29k hp, is immune to magic, and his proc, 'Fist of Earth' is a 200dd.

For more info, and details of my fight with Trunt, click the link below:

~~Trunt Info~~

Trunt has no faction, and says no message when he dies. He drops nothing but the Head.

Trunts Head identifies as Remains of the fist of earth.

4 - Deep

The next of the Celestial Fists is Deep. She is approx a level 58 Dark Elf, and lives under Lake Rathe (EQAtlas), and is surrounded by Bloodgill Goblins. Her location is Loc 2783, 134, under the 3 Bird platform (the one with the flame on it.)

When Trunts head is handed to her, she says the following.

Deep slowly opens her eyes and looks up at you. She stares at you a long while and then closes her eyes and lowers her head again, saying, 'Very well, Arakos, if you wish death so greatly, we will be happy to oblige. My master projects part of himself in the wilder lands known as the Overthere. He has granted you an audience. Find him and show him the head of our earth brother. At that point, we will discuss how we will end your life.

No Experience is received and Deep despawns immediately. You get the Head of Trunt handed back.

Note: Trunts Head does not have to be cycled through Deep, and this part can be skipped.

Astral Projections

The first Astral Projection is in the Overthere, at location 772, 860, in the bottom of the scorpion chasm. The Scorpians are casters, and can cast 340dd's and can fear you as well. The closest entrance to the chasm is at -1400, -1200, but going this way will mean plenty of sneaking (or an invis run) through the scorpians. Heading to a slope at loc 1810, 668 is the closest to the Projection. He does not need to be fought, is approx 52nd level, but if fought hits for 175 damage, and says nothing on death. He cons KOS, but will not attack, nor does he respond to hails.

Handing the Projection Trunts head, results in the following:

Astral Projection looks up and down and says, 'Hmmm, I was hoping for something more impressive. This is just a small token of the last person who tried to interfere with my plans. He failed as you shall. But tell me truly, are you the one who has so rudely removed my students?'


Astral Projection says 'I assume you have read about us and spoken with the old man, Kaiaren. Since that time, I have grown in power and influence to a point unseen by any mortal. Unfortunately, I will have to demonstrate a small amount of my skill when I destroy you. This is bad. I must decide whether you are worthy to see the techniques I wield, even though you will die shortly thereafter. Tell me, Ashana , who are you?

'I am the one'

Astral Projection chuckles and says, 'That's quite a boast, Ashana. All beings strive for nothingness at the most basic level of sentience. However, almost none ever achieve this. Not even I have discarded my ego yet and you stand here and tell me you have? Perhaps you will be a worthy opponent. I shall be waiting in the great lake near here. Take that token as proof of things to come for you. If you still wish to throw your life away so needlessly, return it to my image there. I await your decision.'

He will give you an Eye of Kaiaren, and then the Astral Projection despawns.

He is a 3 hour spawn.

The Eye of Kaiaren is recieved when Trunts head is turned in (along with some experience), but it is only the final text (telling him that 'I am the one') that despawns the Projection. So it is possible to give in Trunts head, receive the eye and leave the AP without despawning him. How this affects the next person, I am unsure, so it may be wise to say the text, meaning the next person has a 'fresh' projection to turn the head into.

The Final Fight

The second of the Astral Projections is in the Lake of Ill Omen, and is on a platform on the lake itself. The Platform is too high to climb onto, but SoW and Levitation can get you up there. He is identical in appearance to the other Projection. He is KOS to all, but does not attack and will accept the eye.

Note: Again, due to the fact that there where some problems with this part of the quest, one way to minimize the chances of Vorash and Deep not spawning together is to have your groups on the edges of the platform, and hand the 'eye' in at the maximum distance allowed for trading, or obviously fight on the beach. You can never be too careful.

When you give the Eye of Kaiaren to the Astral Projection, he despawns immediatly, and Deep and Vorash both spawn, who are KOS, and will both attack the Monk.

Deep procs Fist of Water, and hits for 170ish. Vorash procs Fist of Mastery, which is a DD and a stun, and hits for around the same as Deep.

Both Deep and Vorash have no items.

Once killed, Vorash says: 'Foolish mortal! You think you have defeated me? Now, witness the true power of Rallos Zek!

Xenevorash will then spawn on the platform, regardless of where Vorash dies.

Xenovorash Procs Fist of Sentience which is a 500DD and a stun, and hits for 250 ish.

Once he is killed, his death message is:

Xenevorash's corpse shouts 'Grraaaagghhhh!! NOT.. POSSIBLE!

He drops the Demon Fangs.

Tactics: The final battle was originally done with 4 groups, which where all 52 to 58th level, one group was on Deep, all with high CR, and 3 groups where all on Vorash, with high MR. Due to the large amount of people involved, the fight had no casualties.

The fight is normally done by pulling Deep and Vorash to the 'beach', or the fight can be done on the platform. However, fighting on the beach does allow a brief time to rebuff for the Xenevorash fight (I believe after 5 mins or so, he heads to the beach and slaughters all he sees.)

Xenevorash always runs on low health, so if fighting on the platform, he will run into the water, which is another reason to fight on the beach.

The Astral Projection respawns 3 hours after Xenevorash has been killed.

For more info, and details of my final fight with Deep, Vorash and Xenevorash, click the link below:

~~Final Fight Info~~

The Celestial Fists

Please read the following VERY carefully. It is confusing as the books are not differently named enough to make it that much easier.

Remember, that once you have given the True Form of Kairen the Celestial Fists book he will tell you of the Fists (ie Gwan, Trunt etc..), and return you the CHANGED book --the Book of Celestail Fists.


Once the Book of Celestial Fists has been returned to you, it is now ready to be handed to either Kaiaren along with the Demon Fangs.

If you have followed the quest in order, you will end up with the Book of Celestial Fists and the Demon fangs, and may find that the 'True' Kairen is no longer about. If you have done it the 'proper' way, you can hand the 'Book of the Celestial Fists' and the 'Demon fangs' to the 'mad' version and still get the Fists.

Most people however, now that the quest has been completed, will fight the four fists to get the fang, THEN hand over the Robe to Lheao. This way, the first time you see the True Kaiaren, you can hand in the 'Celestial Fists' book, then when it is returned (and changed), hand him the 'Book of Celestial Fists' to him along with the 'Demon fangs' to obtain the Fists.

Are you handing these to Kairen? No? Then read the above again!

Handing either form of Kaiaren (Mad or True) the Book of the Celestial Fists and the Demon Fangs, results in the Monk Epic, the Gloves called the Celestial Fists being handed over, with the following text.

Kaiaren bows his head and breathes a long sigh as if relived of a great weight. He then looks up at you and says, 'I honestly did not believe you could have defeated Vorash. Even though he sought nothing but war and bloodshed, it is a life nonetheless and we must mourn him. I will sew these fangs into magical fist wraps and they shall be yours. Remember Xenevorash. A purpose can be found for every situation and individual. To achieve perfection is to perceive this truth.'

The experience recieved for finishing this quest was approximatly two and a half blue bubs at level 52.

The Effect Celestial Tranquility is a right clickable 40% Song haste, +12 AC and +53 Att. Its duration is 9 seconds.

They also change the Damage/Delay of both of your fists to 9/16, not including any Haste you may already have.

Haste Item Haste Total Damage Delay of Fists
None 0% 9 dmg 16 dly
Right Click Effect of Celestial Fists 40% 9 dmg 13 dly
With right click + FBSS 61% 9 dmg 11 dly
With right click + CoF 76% 9 dmg 10 dly
Max Item + Max Enchanter Haste 85% 9 dmg 9 dly

Because of the Songs 9 second duration, it is recommended to customize a hotkey (simalar to how your RotWF was set up), so that you will know when to refresh it. Try >>Here<< for more information.

The Particle effect does not show if 2 weapons are wielded, but a 2HB weapon or one 1HB will show the effect in the other hand.


Click the link to go to the Main page, or to Bodi's page

If you are still unsure, please check this FAQ, which may answer any more questions.

[Version May 2002 - cosmetic changes done July 2004]


Thanks to all the Monks that have contributed to this page, the ppl within the text, Kage, Zadkiel, Southern, Arakos and Ashana. Carissa, Lerris and Brother Raker for nearly all of the pics, Hotrod, Leonardo and others for some additional info, and and obviously Wakefield for completing the quest first. Last but not least, Derra and Bloodscale, who handed in their RotWF before it was known to do so. Brave brave ppl......


Celestial Fist Amendments by Verant:

September 2000: The Lheao section was not very clear. He said something along the lines of "I need proof you are from Danl and proof of your mastery." but only AFTER you have already given him the note. Telling Lheao that you have the book 'Immortals.' did not trigger him like it should. The proof of Mastery, after a leap of faith from both Derra and Bloodscale, was found to be the RotWF. Kaiaren also says one more line than he used to. A patch added the information we have now.

October: Kaiarens true form was bugged, and turning in the scale from Eejag resulted in xp and the return of the scale. This was able to be done multiple times, and was rumored to have very quickly leveled a Monk from 40 to 60 in this manner. The following are patch messages from the time before the quest was finished.

Due to some difficulties regarding the Epic Quests implemented two patches ago, the epic quests for the Monk, Wizard, and Druid will not be completable until the next patch. While we would like to have implemented updates right away for these issues, we are mid-way in our conversion to support the DirectX changes that have been announced.

We appreciate your patience.

- The EverQuest Team

This was also added in a EQ Forum:

I verified that the Celestial Fist of Earth is spawning on live servers and made sure that part of the quest works. He is and it does. Kaiaren as you all know has been permakilled on live servers due to the Charred Scale exploit, something I should have caught in development and testing should have caught in testing and I apologize for it. He will be back up and fixed after the next patch.

Thanks, Solist

It was (not long) later found that the Earth fist (a sleeping Ogre/Trunt) was indeed in the game, as at this time, Monks did not believe he was.

November: The Quest was completed on Test, due to the fact that Kaiaren was not (and is still not as of early November) back in the game on the live servers. The Haste is Item Haste, and the Robe was not returned, so effectively making most Monks able to do the quest, at a loss Haste wise. Those lucky enough to have CoF or Belt of Tranquility where already at 36% to 40% Haste, and that did not include the 25% Haste of the Robe. Even those with a FBSS (21%) and the robe where at 46% Haste total. Now they have increased the item haste to 40%, but lost the robes effects. This is not of consequence to some, but the Robe was one of our best Chest pieces, and makes the quest seem not too viable in some peoples eyes.

Wakefield, the Monk with the CF's was asked to do some feedback relating to the CF's, and sent a diplomatic email explaining that the Str and Haste where not really on par with an epic weapon, which is more or less what I have said above. He mentioned Att bonuses rather than Str, and perhaps better haste. He then received this email as a reply from Soloist, the Quest writer:

Thanks for the feedback. There are indeed some problems due to code changes that were made regarding the Celestial Fists and they are not currently working as I intended. I won't give you the details on exactly what they are supposed to do but we will have them fixed and working properly before our next patch. I just want to assure everyone in the monk community that they won't be going live the way they are, and that nothing on Test is guaranteed to be the same on live.

Thanks, Solist

Wakefield then replied with this post a few days later:

"I hate to say this, but yeah the fists have been changed... and no I cant tell you how =P. Solist asked me for feedback again and asked if I could keep it secret. Haha, I feel like a dick but I will be keeping this new change secret. Best I can say is.... me like"

"They will increase damage and he asked for some fast feedback before it goes live. I noticed 2 potential problems with the new change and 1 is easily resolvable by us. Emailed him again with some more points only a experienced monk user could give and a coder wouldnt think of, I think its gonna work out. Soon as this is live and yall do the quest I'll join ya all in philosophizing, hehe."

A few days later, someone then cracked the SPDat on test, and noticed that the 40 bns to Str has been changed to Att instead.

The patch on November 15th Changed the CF's permanent effect of 40% Item haste, +12ac and +40str, to what they are now. Before the patch, the CF's also did not change the properties of the HtH of those who wielded them.

June 2001: A patch has resolved some stacking issues --where Haste higher than 40 percent would overwrite Celestial Tranquility, and we would lose the additional 40 attack and 12 AC from the effect. Now the haste is the only part overwritten, and we keep the att and AC.

August 2001: Another patch has resolved more stacking issues with Celestail Tranquility, this time with Call of the Earth, a Ranger 4 point damage sheild and 24 to 26 AC buff.