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Raster of Guk

It is high recommended to read a guide on Lower Guk (I used Jekhars) to familiarize yourself with the area, and my Personal experience (so far) is added at the bottom of the page.


The following are items it is recommended that you have with you. The camp is extremely long, and you cannot always rely on help.

Damage Shield Potions: Raster is tougher than the Mino's, and if you are able to handle a single Mino, but end the fight with little health, then this may possible turn the tide. Also, it will be just your luck to have this ultra rare spawn pop when you are low on health.

Minotaur Horn: Found on the Mino's here, and on Mino's in the Gorge and Steamfont, this can be given to Raster to stop him duel wielding. Two horns will not work.

Bandages: A large stack of bandages (at least 100+) and a high Bind wound skill. The higher the skill, the less bandages will be required. Also auctioning for stacks of bandages at high prices helps when you are low.

Level Ranges: With Fists and no FBSS, it is recommended that you be approx 47th to break the Mino room (within the respawn time) and be able to handle Raster. With Fists and a FBSS, probably 46th, Weapons with no FBSS, 46th, and if equipt with Weapons and a FBSS, probably 45th. These levels are approximate, and when taking Raster, include the above precautions. By weapons, I think that a Wu's or Cane of the Tranquil are needed, and if armed with a Baton or two, it is probably best to wait till the next level. These level ranges do not include the Mino Elder, who is tougher (due to its ability to heal.)

Greater Minotaurs

The Minotaurs range approximately range from levels 35 to 39. They are warrior type mobs, have approx 1500 hp each, and hit for a maximum of 74. The Mino's are tougher than Drolvarg Snarlers from Firiona Vie in Kunark, so imagine breaking a room full of very hard Snarlers, and you will be on the right track. Rasters room is marked with a Red Star.

The area contain's 6 Mino's, including the Raster PH near the pot, and the Elder PH in the pit. Two of the 6 are wanderers, one near the Raster PH, and one near the stairs, and the last two mino's are static.

Sometimes the Mino's can be vis knights instead, who are rougly the same toughness as Mino's, although they tend to run quicker.

There is a additional wanderer here, who can be anything from a Froglok slave to a Yun Ghoul Wizard.

The (frog) wanderer comes by every 3 minutes, so it is best to time the path before fighting. Pulling the Mino's can be done by aggro radius, and does not require throwing anything or running up and attacking them.

Note: Sometimes the wanderer is not around. I thought that he may have been killed, but at one 6 hr camp, and at one point with only 9 ppl in LGuk, I did not see him at all. Which means it is possible that he paths in a different way.


Pull to the pit trap, stopping just before you fall down, (obviously). This gives you a fairly long time of whacking on their back when they run. If you fight them closer to the original room, they have enough time to run down the hall where a few (frog) shaman usually are, who will heal the fleeing Mino, or to some other Mino's in a side passage.

Following map with Mino paths supplied by Brother Blazyn.

It is recommended to pull the mino's in the following order:

The wanderer nearest to the pulling point,

The nearest static (once the other wanderer has moved towards the Raster PH spot),

The other wanderer,

Then the far static.

The PH itself is best left to despawn at 8am, so that you can be sure of the exact time for respawns and despawns of the PH.


While waiting for the despawn, you can either pull the Elder PH, or leave him in the pit, and rest. Once the PH despawns and respawns, continue clearing the room as and when the Mino's pop. I never bothered with the Elder PH, leaving him in the pit. This helped me be at better health when the other mino's popped.

The (Frog) wanderer is usually not a problem, and if you rest down the tunnel towards the trap, you will be able to see him coming and have enough time to FD before he aggros on you. It helps to time your pulls right after he leaves, so the mino's wont get unexpected help. Also 2 passes from the wanderer equals one mend.

Once the room is broken, you can stay near the pot (where Rasters PH is), and the (frog) wanderer does not come near enough to worry about, so you can clear the room from there. I found the corridor is safer however, as resting by the pot sometimes gave mino's a free hit as they spawn on top of you.

Raster of Guk

The bane of most Monks existence, Raster is approximately a 37th level Monk, and is extremely rare. Lots of Brothers have had 200+ hour camps, and it is an average 40 hour camp. He has approximately 1700hp, punches for 80, and can kick in the low 100's. However he dosent hit very often, and I only took 400 damage or so before he ran.

Rasters PH is a 72 min spawn/despawn, but the rest of Lower Guk is on a 28 minute spawn, so the best way to maximize the amount of PH you get is as follows. (Times are obviously EQ times.)

5am - Spawn. Leave this one to despawn, unless it is Raster obviously.
8am - Despawn.
10am - Respawn. Kill this PH
7 to 8pm - Spawn. Also kill this PH

This method ensures 3 PH's per EQ day.

When arriving at the camp, just check the above times to see whether it is best to kill the PH, or let it despawn.

I ALWAYS let the PH despawn when I arrived to camp, unless it was just after 10am, where I would kill that, and let the next one despawn. This is important, as if you start to kill the PH straight away, the times will not match, and you could have big problems. One time, I could not clear the path to the PH quick enough, and so the PH was up for a while while I rested. I killed it, then the next spawn, the 5am, was very late, arriving sometime after 7am. This then despawned 30 seconds later! Thankfully it was a mino, but if it was Raster....

The mino always despawns at the 8am even if it has been recently aggro'd. For instance I went to pull a mino, who then pathed near the PH, dragging that along with it. Feigning, both mino's returned to there spots/paths. The PH then despawned, as it was 8am. Whether this works if the PH is off his spot, I cannot confirm.

It has been noted that the PH is 85% likely to be a Mino, 10% to be a Froglok, and 5% to be Raster, but I am sure some veteran 200+ hour campers will say more like 0.5%.....

Minotaur Elder

The Minotaur Elder is approx a 35th to 37th level Mino, but is fairly tough in that he will get off about 4 heals and 3 nukes before he is out of mana. If you find it tough to keep the Mino room cleared you can just leave the Mino (who is the Elder's PH) in the pit. He wont aggro unless you stand close to the edge of the pit (which is a good way to pull the one down there if you have difficulty with ladders like most people). It may be wise to experiment with how close to the pit you can get before the PH comes, as you will be fighting near here when pulling the Mino room. Do not worry too much about accidently pulling this PH, as I never did in my entire time there.

The Elder drops the Chrysoberyl Talisman, an AC5, +3 Wis, +20 Mana, Wt 1.0 necklace, which is Lore, and sells well, and the Elder's Rare Drop is the Carved Ivory Mask, which is AC2, +4 Agi, +10hp, Wt 0.9lbs and is hardly worth anything.

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(Version 230501 - Cosmetic changes done 070704)

Personal Experiences

Updated: 5.1.01

Dec 00: I went to Guk at 44th, and armed with 2 Wu's, 100hp of gear, no haste, and an AC of 814, and could not hold the Mino room. Some Mino's are harder than Snarlers, and con from xp green to blue. When I first fought the Mino in the Elder room, (because I fell down the pit) I took him down even with another beating on me at the same time. At 80 percent of hits (bind and mend) I could easily take SOME of the mino's, and in some cases two at once with those hits, but sometimes one mino on his own would hammer me with the same 80 percent health.

It is sometimes hard to get far enough away, or remove aggro to bandage yourself, and in some cases I wasted many minutes waiting for mend to pop back again to use in case they did come back and hit me while I was binding myself.

To recap, in the respawn time, I could not clear the room, as some are tougher than I with 80 percent health. My findings are not conclusive, as I spent only an hour there, but I got all of them apart from the Raster PH before they started to respawn.

45th: Back again, same gear as above (AC now 829 though) and this time I am ok. I can clear the room with little trouble, although I leave the Elder PH still in the pit. One or two mino's still can give you a good beating at 80% health, which is what alot (if not all) fights are started at.

I had the pleasure to use a FBSS for a day, (AC drops to 818) which I abused with a 6 hr Raster camp. This along with the above gear, helped me tear through most minos, one or two doing less than a bub in damage before dying. I still left the Elder PH alone, to have maximum hits for when the PH arrived, and the odd one or two Mino's where still tough.

I have a FBSS again, on a more permant loan, which makes things alot easier. There are still sometimes when the room can be tough to break, and requires multiple attempts to sort out.

I have only fought the Mino Elder once, but that was with help, so cannot comment on it further, but it was blue to me at 45, and it healed itself around 5 times before we managed to get it to run.

Jan 01: After many more mino PH, I finally got Raster on PH 83. I did not give him the horn, and had just over 4 bubs of (unbuffed) health. I finished the fight with 2 bubs left. I used a 12pt Damage sheild potion, and as noted above he did not hit me very often before he was running.

As a note, I also fought the Elder with the same health, and he nuked the hell out of me, killing me an hour or so before my Raster appeared. I am not saying do this, but if you are in your 100+ PH, ANYTHING is worth a shot....hehehe. Good Luck!

Placeholder's: 83, 4 of which where Frogs, 1 (somebody elses) Rasters Corpse.

May 2001: I was back again at 51st level, due to my original robe being lost, but dont think that you can now wade into a fully packed room and kill everything in there. Yes, the minos are much easier (and one in 6 still gave xp) but everynow and then they can give you problems. The Mino Elder was easy to solo, when I fought him, he did nothing but chain heal himself before he ran out of mana and fled. I camped Raster for nearly 30 PH's, and my guildleader Trifle Bewildered camped nearly 20 in one sitting, and he did not show for me.