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Welcome to the Unsung Heroes Webpage.

Clicking on the pictures below will show you more information about the people that make up this merry band of adventurers. Each page has relevant character information, links and useful files to that character, so check them all!

Bodi-Monk Billybo-Druid Vested-Cleric Guildan-Paladin

Starting with myself and Doyle, the Unsung Heroes has expanded to include Guildan, Salas, Ohmigosh, Luthior, Croucher,Tyney, Vested and Billybo, along with various alternatives. All of us have taken separate classes and or races to play, and have been spread amongst different guilds. The Unsung Heroes is more a collection of real life friends than a possible EQ guild.


Removed Links relevant to Everquest equipment and current news, as they where wildly out of date.

For the results on the Epic Quests for ALL classes, and Links - both to zone guides, and classes that are not yet covered by any of the members of the Unsung Heroes, visit the:

Unsung Heroes Link Page

For ex-members of the Unsung Heroes team:

Departed Souls


July 2004: As you can see, I have moved my site again. The Everquest pages are lumped together with my current web site, based on a D&D campaign (the link is above if you want to come and say hello). I have not returned to Everquest, but have decided to 'freshen up' some of the pages for a few reasons. The first and most important reason is that the web site was still being hit regularly on Geocities, despite the fact that I had not updated any of the pages. Based on their figures, I was still getting hit hundreds of times a day, which meant rather than leave the site to die a natural death, I took it with me to castle-grounds.

I named the site castle-grounds for this reason, I couldn't call the site anything to do with D&D to house my current project, and then tack these pages on the end as that seems wrong somehow. So a suitably generic name was used to add both sites, and I took down the ones at Geocities and housed by Morgyn (thanks for EVERYTHING mate) and pointed everything my way.

I bought the name, bought some space (lowest package obviously as it was cheap) and suddenly I see exactly what the stats are, what pages are being hit, and loads of other statistics that mean absolutely bugger all to me. One thing that does show up is that these Everquest pages are the most popular, and the Monk Epic Quest page receives 1500 hits a month out of 7k+ hits a month. I also understand bandwidth more as a result of it, and as my 1.5 gb got rapidly eaten, I knew I had to do something.

That something was Cascading Style Sheets for a start. Added that to a few of the Monk quests, and each page dropped in size by a quarter - don't forget this was my first attempt at HTML, and so there where quite a few lines of code that an experienced coder probably would have removed or known some other trick to reduce. Based on the amount of hits, an average of 1k reduction would save me 1Mb in bandwidth, and with my Microsoft Paint skills being slowly replaced with skills in Macromedia Fireworks, I started lopping the picture size down in size as well.

All in all, I think that the work I have done in the last few weeks will save approx 200Mb, but I will see at the end of July to confirm this, as the current figures for the whole web site for June are 7500 page hits, using just over a Gb of bandwidth.

I tidied up the pages, making them look better, and changed the font from Tempus Sans to Georgia as for some reason XP doesn't have it anymore as a standard font, and if I was forced to download something to see the site how the writer wanted it, I wouldn't, so I don't see why you should.

As for Everquest related news - out of the original Unsung Heroes, only Guildan plays anymore (but not regularly), and Billybo and Vested retired about six months ago. We have a few new players that would have been in UH, which are Salas's brother and sister in law, but their names and characters escape me.

Lol - just read below where I am saying about my lovely new card - which is still in my system now. I have just finished building a new system, a 3000XP Barton with a Gb of Ram in an I-Cute case and a 5600 Geforce 256Mb card. Oh, and it lights up blue :p. I only have this as I recently started playing games more, and Raven Shield over a LAN with 6 to 8 mates is the preferred choice at the moment. The funny thing is that I use a PII400 laptop running Windows 98 to do the majority of my work on the site, with it wirelessly hooked into my network for Broadband, but the single most important thing is that there are no blue lights anywhere near it.

Online games - None played at the moment, with no intentions too really. EQ *really* sucked me in, and I think I used up all my brownie points until my daughter is 18 or possibly 38, and I know that I cant commit the time to anything like an online game - I know you can play them for 5 min's here and there, but I cant do that :p

But who knows what the future holds....

I doubt this page will be updated anymore, but if you do fancy reading more of my non Everquest work though, check Grassy Knolls 'Into the Night Below' Campaign, the link is at the top right corner of all of the newer pages.

To sign off, I will shortly finish the mainly cosmetic changes to all the quest pages, which amongst other things will lower the size of some of the pictures to help with bandwidth, and amended the links to any dead sites where able.

Sorry I cant change the content itself, I have absolutely no idea whats happened to any of the spawn points, mob strengths, and I would assume with mudflation that the recomended levels are a tad off as well. And last but not least, I hope everything is still where it was when this was written. Good luck!

So long, and thanks for all the fishrolls.


: touches his head, lips, and heart.

August 02: No real updates as of yet, although I have hit 59 with the help from Billybo's babysitting skills, and a Fungi borrowed from Deburgh. I still need to finish off Ring 9, and the Coldain ring Guide gets updated when it can, so check back if it doesn't contain everything you need so far. Faction alliances have changed in our guild, so the once friendly Dragons are now seen as enemies, but we all still love the Dwarves :p

I have other little touches and updates to already completed guides, but am kept busy at Monkly Business, and my guild pages writing crap event accounts, which are mostly random erratic thoughts from someone with a far too active imagination, or simply made up. Oh, and I have ADSL and a brand spiffy new Geforce 4 128MB ti4200 graphics card, just to make you all hate me :p

You may have noticed that only 4 people remain now, and Guildan has been away for a long time from EQ due to Computer and ISP problems. He hopes to be back in the game soon however, and joining in the many raids. Ashkir will be added shortly, and the other faces are consigned to Departed Souls.....

May: Where does the time go? Still playing EQ religiously, still a Master, although less than a bub from 56 now, but that is more to the fact that I raid far more than I xp. Raids are superb, and I have participated in Derakor the Vindicator and the statue of Rallos Zek in Kael, Gore in Dreadlands, Doomshade, Rumblecrush, Zelthanak (or whatever the horsie is called) and the other sub bosses in Umbral, Klandicar in WW, and many many more. All brillant. Still working on the Coldain guide, upto ring 7 at the moment (in writing, I have had ring 8 for a while now) and I hope to have ring 9 soon.

We have had a few change around's with the Unsung Heroes list as well, and I hope to update them soon. Of the original 10 shown above, only 2 or 3 actually still play. Doyle has more or less retired for good, being replaced by a Iksar Necro named Ashkir, Vested has been put on a back burner for a Bard known as Harcore, and the following do not play at all now, moving onto pastures green: Croucher, Tyney, Salas, and Luthior. This leaves myself, Billybo and Guildan left of the original 9 (as Flippant is my alt).

Work still to do? Little reworks to various guides, the Celestial Fist guide I have been told has had Dahl's name changed to Danl by Verant just to spite me (ok, so that's a little lie) and I need to add in references to the Sleeping Ogre actually sleeping now, Coldain to finish, Benevolence to finish off (when I can find the bloody scout up) and Headbands when I get a chance.

February 2002: Another long time in between updates. Again I have been very busy with my site, EQ and mostly Monkly Business, and just have not had the time to do a proper update. What's happened since December? Well, I finally am a Master now, and at this point in time have a whole orange bub (and a few blue bubs of alt xp) and I am also a Full member of the Guild United Kingdoms.

Guides? Well, I have started on a Coldain Ring Quest, which is a bit shaky at the moment, but already has lots of info (and of course pictures) and will hopefully add to the already great Coldain Ring Quest walkthroughs out there. I will add the link when it is more informative.

Again my guides are attracting many viewers, and with Zadkiel moving on from Everquest to Dark Age of Camelot, my guides are on the move again. Thankfully, 2 lovely people in the shape of MorgyN (from my guild United Kingdoms) and Seerena, a Monk of the Tribunal server, have mirror 'd my sites for me, allowing you all to keep viewing them. Thanks again people!

Just for reference, I was exceeding around 10GB a month of bandwidth, and passed more than half a million hits of Geocities alone, so with Zadkiels help, Geocities, and these new two mirrors, I will pass the Million mark soon!

December 01: Huge update! What have I been doing in all this time? Playing EQ obviously, finalizing my guides, adding more snippets, or rewording things. This is still a difficult task, especially with the Celestial Fist guide, as the final stage is still just to damn confusing. Hand in this book to retrieve that book to spawn this person to hand the book back.....if you are reading this, and are using my guide for this quest, please please please make sure you fully understand the steps involved.

Anyway, onto the updates. I have made a Bracer of Benevolence Guide, which still needs work (as do all of my guides until I personally complete the quest I am writing about) and a guide to the Freeport Sash Quests.

I have been very busy with the Monkly Business site as well, Zadkiel 're launched' his site, and myself, Lenardo, Zinj and the Yanger, all became official Monkly Business writers, my job being Guides and Tactics, Zone guides, and Quests - Monk specific or not. This as you can see has made my job updating my own site very hard (and you wont believe the amount of time I spend on EQ related things during a day - without even playing the game!) - hence the lack of updates here. Not that it matters really, as if you are waiting for updates here rather than watching my movements at MB, your in the wrong place.

Coming soon? Not sure yet. I have a few quests that I have just done on the moon of Luclin (it has been released in the UK 8 days now) that I could write quests up on, I am a smidge away from 55, and I am in the middle of a Guild change. A Monks life is never done....

Plus, as a downer, it seems fame is not something to be coveted in the free web housing business, and I have lived too long with many people seeing my site. This is a copy of the email I got from Geocities, regularly (as in sometimes once a day) since June:

Dear GeoCities Member,

Congratulations, seems to be very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide for a free web site, which is 3 gigabytes per month (measured on an hourly basis). That means that during the past few days we had to temporarily turn your site off to keep the bandwidth within this limit.

What can I do?

Keep in mind that large files such as images and multimedia files can effect your data transfer greatly. A single web page that contains 200,000 bytes of images will only be able to be viewed about 20-25 times an hour. By keeping your file sizes and page sizes as small as possible, you can maximize the amount of page views your site can produce. You can also upgrade your site to one of our new premium services, GeoCities Pro or GeoCities Webmaster. These packages allow for 10 and 20 gigabytes of data transfer per month, and also give you the option of purchasing unlimited data transfer so your site will always be accessible.

These packages also enable you to run an ad-free site at your own domain name (for example, AND get matching email accounts at that domain (like For more information about our new packages, please visit http://geocities.......... Upgrading your current GeoCities site to one of our new premium packages is simple. You don't have to move ANY of your files, and your current GeoCities web address will continue to work in addition to your domain. If you'd prefer not to receive this notice in the future, just go to http://geocities........ to take your name off of the notify list. Of course, our servers will continue to monitor your site's data usage and turn it off if it exceeds the limits.

Of course, the link and the helpful hints are only good if you are American, and me being British, am SoL. I have hosted most of the guides with Zadkiel at Monkly Business, but cannot afford to run my own web site, so they will continue to be intermittent. Apologies, but all I can do.

June to August: Sorry, not updated this page for a while, and the 2 people that actually read this page are getting upset. I am robed once more, thanks to Axial, who multi 'd the parts I needed for the Robe of the Lost Circle AND the Robe of the Whistling Fist. I have updated the Celestial Fist page many many times, mostly rewording of passages, but I have added information pages based on the fights: Eejag Info, Gwan Info, Trunt Info, Final Info.

I have added a Guide FAQ page as well, hopefully answering any little details that I have left of my guides, which contains links to things like Faction pages for Iksar to get their headbands and sashes.

I am busy into my Epic, and as such have not leveled since July when I hit 52nd. I am still (as of this moment) 2 bubs away from 53rd, but with my final fight round the corner, I will be making a big xp attempt soon -- been too busy sorting the guides out to actually play...

A big thanks to all that come here as well, as my total hits have now exceeded 300,000.

May: A tragic event while multi ing the quest for the Robe of the Whistling fist left me robeless, as in I now am not a member of the Lost Circle. This more or less caused me to give up the game, but the overwhelming response from Monks across Norath and my guild has kept me going. I have had numerous offers of all the items I need and more, or the option of taking Zephyl out. I will update when I have more info.

April: The observant among you will notice that my jokey 'legal' declaration has been removed, and made more sensible. Why? A Website devoted to Epic Quests had basically Cntrl C'd my work. This made more more angry that I thought it would, and with ALOT of support, the webmaster of the site removed his 'versions' of the guides, and has linked them to me instead. Barring that, the website is a good idea, and I have linked it in my own Epic Link Page.

Updated a few characters, added the Dragon Tooth Choker Page. Also spent a while going through all of the Monk Quests, adding new info or tidying up, and added Counters on the suggestion of Vested. Most counters where added around the 10th, and the Celestial Fists Page has had 6000 hits already. *swellage*

March: Usual Bodi update, added a new member, Billybo, and a new page, Departed Souls

January: Updated a few quest pages, and added the Bracer of Hammerfal Quest (Bodi)

December: Updated Pages: Epic Quests (Links), now complete, as the Wizards have their Orb of Mastery, RotLC (Bodi), Raster (Bodi), and some character pages.

November: Updated Page: Firiona Vie Guide (Links), to include levels 41 and 42, and Epic Quests (Links), now to the Shadow Knights, 13th in the list, and also some character updates.

October: A few character updates, and the Epic Quests are now to the Warrior's, the 7th to complete their quest. New Page's include the Monk Epic Quest (Bodi), and Epic Quests (links), for all the latest and SPOILER information regarding the Epic Quests.

September: Most characters amended, and new Pages this month include: Bodi's Version of the Monk Epic Quest (Bodi) and a Firiona Vie Zone Guide (links)

August: Added minor changes to nearly all the pages. All of the character links are now up, and just need to be populated with information, and added an email link. Nearly all the characters where also amended. New Page's include the Robe of the Whistling Fist guide (Bodi), and Adventures in the City of Mist (Bodi).

July: Added Bodi's adventures Pt 1 to 3, added the Treant fist guide, changed the 'Sir' references in Salas' story, amended Bodi's stats/level, Added a Link page, and rearranged order of first page.

Legal copyright bit: Please feel free to use my pages as links only from your website. Please contact me at the above email as a courtesy, or if you require anything specific, or any other information. Unsung Heroes name created by Doyle, web design and layout - Bodi, with contributions from the others making this site possible.