I have amended my settings from Phils base installation in the following way:


How to set up SPDIF passthru to external decoder? - Info from the KMPlayer's Forums on how to ensure you get the best setup for SPDIF.

Default language soundtrack

How to configure to select a preferred audio/subtitle stream - This information from KMPlayers own forum shows how to make sure your MKVs etc play natively in your chosen language should that language be present in the MKV you are playing. It works a treat for me, and I tried it with a friends mkv that had a non english default soundtrack (ie when you open the file it played in Spanish), but it played English when KMPlayer is amended as per the linked instructions.


Monochrome 2.2 Installation Instructions

Ensure you have the latest Media Portal installation files (RC2 as of July 2008). If you are using RC1, then you need to have a SVN build 07-04-2008--12-31-Rev19574 (or later)

Install Monochrome 2.2

Then follow instructions for TVSeries setup or HD Playback etc.

Customising my Configuration

These are the additional steps that I have done to my base Monochrome installation - I am using version 2.0.

Removed the topbar plug-in

It was annoying as if the mouse was near the top, this kept dropping down like the windows hidden toolbar.

Removed the Plug-in section from the main menu.

All of my entries are on the main menu (like MyEmulators), it trims the main menu down to look cleaner.

My Movies View

I double checked as I thought that I was using the standard view, but its actually the alternative view offered by the Monochrome skin. Check the Monochrome rar file, and within the IMDB Data in Shares View folder, select the Alternative folder, and copy those xml files.

I love the normal filmstrip mode, but I have 100+ films, and to flick through them all takes bloody ages, hence list mode with the altertative settings looking better imho.

Alternative View on top, normal view below.

Frontend Icons

The icons come from the Black and White 1080p Skin.

Download and unpack it and within the media folder of the skin, you will find the hover_my TVSeries.png etc files.

Replace the ones that are already in your Monochrome folder - I suggest renaming them to something like _old in case you do not like the new ones.

Browse to the ProgramData folder for cache folder, and delete the contents of the Monochrome folder.

Restart MediaPortal, and Roberts your fathers brother.

Note: In the pictures below, I used the hover_my films icon rather than hover_my Movies as I like the clacker more than the film reel.

Media Portal, Skin and KMPlayer FAQ

Q. I am getting an out of date warning when running the Monochrome 2.0 (and later versions) skin is anyone else?

A. The reason you are getting errors with Monochrome version 2 and above is that you have not updated MP to the latest SVN required - version 2.2 for instance needs MP RC2 or MP RC1 and a SVN of July 2008 and above.

Q. The main menu is a little clustered. I would like to get rid of things like "My Pictures" and some of the others and I only want to keep "My Movies" and "My Music" as that is all I will be using Media Portal for.

Go to MediaPortal Configuration, and select the plug-ins field at the bottom of the list on the left. Under the plugins you want to remove, right click and select enabled. This will deselect them if they are already enabled.

Q. The text on the film IMDB screens is over running itself or very close together, why is this?

You are probably running a 4:3 resolution, and Monochrome is a 16:9 skin.

Q. I kind of like splitting my movies into folders as then i know which ones are HD and which ones are DivX. I need to keep them in individual folders because i stream divx's also to my PS3....

You can keep the seperate folders. Just make sure all the folders in the movie section of MediaPortal Configuration are added, and untick them all. MP will then just assume its one large one.

Q. Is there anyway to get MediaPortal to see movies which are in 2 parts as 1?

Q. I've looked through the MediaPortal configuration settings and cant find an option to group movies which are in 2 parts into one.

Q. Ideally, i just want movies which are in split into 2 parts to show up as one.

Q. I have alot of divx movies which are in two parts

Yeah, just call them "movie cd1" and "movie cd2" - MP will then stack them as one movie, and continue to play the 2nd after the first. The only pain is that you have to hit Enter or click the first disk before it will play.

You can check both parts are in the right place by going into the movie database and click the files tab. [Answer by Miracleboy]

Q.Why does Media Portal shows its version as despite me updating to RC1, then RC2 in separate installations?

Are you running Vista? I turned off UAC, and suddenly it showed the version number correctly. If you want to leave UAC on, I have had it on for most of my PCs lifespan, and it did not seeem to conflict with MP in any way other than the version number being reported incorrectly.

Q. How do you backup a snapshot of all the settings?

Answer taken from the KMPlayer forums, How to backup settings

Preferences (F2) -> Export Presets. This backs up things into a reg file that can be imported. [My comment - it didnt work when going from one version of KMPlayer to another, well not for me anyway.]

Also you can backup some other files in KMP folder:

Skins in \skins
Playlists in \Playlist (by default)
Logos in \Logo
Logo and playlists in Documents\KMPlayer (if you are using Vista)
Bookmarks in BookMark.ini
DVD Status in BookMark.DVD
URL lists: URLList.txt and UserList.txt
Custom hotkeys in KMPKey.ini

If "Store settings in KMPCfg.ini" is enabled: KMP settings in KMPCfg.ini

Q Hi all. I have a question: does KMPCfg.ini store ALL preferences and configurations?

Custom hotkeys are stored in KMPKey.ini file for you to be able to export keyboard settings to multiple KMPlayer installations.

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